Monday, June 16, 2008

Don't Even Get Me Started On My BadaBoomBoom

I have to stop this thing I've started.
Seriously.I have vowed today,in school,after recess.
I'll start studying FOR REAL now.
God know's when "now" really means,no?
Oh,well.I'm getting better,taking little steps first.
As I'm typing this,I'm brushing up on my Biology and Math.
And,finally,completing my Chemistry and Physics folio.
Next on my list,complete all the exercises I missed for BM and Addmath.
Oh,shit.Mum took my thumb-drive to work this morning and left it there.
Crap lah,all my Sasteramas work's in there.Even worse,I promised Pn Noraikha I'd submit it tomorrow,alamak.
Really am sorry,Teacher:(

See?I'm not good at planning things well,aiyoh.
I've to stop this nonsense,going out like there's no tomorrow;
Sitting in front of the computer screen logging on to Myspace.
What help will that do to my future?ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
Academy-wise,that is.
Get a grip,Sha.SPM's next year,oh no oh no (!)

It frustrates me alot,honestly.
I feel like tearing my hair out and screaming.
I hate this,I hate being disorganized,I hate not being able to score an A for most subjects this year
Somebody needs a hug,badly right now,pfft.

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