Friday, August 1, 2008

There's Traffic In The Sky

School sucked.School will always suck,actually.
Found out our timetable was rescheduled.
4 Alpha has bio,chem and phys for our 8th and 9th period everyday of the week.
OH JOY.How I despise lab subjects an hour before the bell rings.Note my delightfully sour face the whole afternoon.
Anyways,I'm not going into detail,it makes me wanna weep
Azzim,Deb,Amir,Acap,Raihan,Shaz and I had a really deep conversation today.
We talked about,doomsday.I swear I wanted to cry,both because I was freaked out by what Azzim told us and by the fact I still haven't feel as if I've accomplished anything to be PROUD of,yknow?
We talked about how we need to pray more and to kerjakan haji A.S.A.P and stuff.
Didnt eat during recess,I seem to have lost my appetite lately.
Which is not a good thing,since I'm already skinny and I'm sick of having to hear people yakk about my weight,and my flat chest and my flat butt.ARGH.Aku tau aa,tkpayah nak ulang byk kali.One day,I swear,all this anger inside me will eventually find its way out.
We didn't learn anything in school,so yeah,waste of time.
Had lunch with Mama.And,found out my sisters lost my SONY T-SHOT :'(
Um,had Physics tution.I'm thinking of quitting,malas tgk muka laki tu.
Walked around TTDI after that.Nurul went back with me,and I took all my old baby photos and showed her.
FUNNY SHIT.Because I was the epitome of a fat kid when I was 4 or so.
Had dinner at Delicious.I think I'm allergic to the watermelon lychee blast,my throat itches and feels soooo sore.
I'd put my hand in my throat and scratch real hard if I could.
Had a slight panic attack.That leads me here,infront of the laptop.
Feeling bitter,and sad,and morose but giddy at the same time.
I despise mood swings,I swear.

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