Saturday, November 22, 2008

Aliens,Monster,Zombies and Homework

Watched Quarantine with Ilya,Farisha and Lana today.I'd probably rate it a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.I won't deny that it scared the living crap out of me,especially when Mrs Espinoza was standing in the middle of the room or when the little girl sprang out of nowhere.
Scratch what I said about not being able to sleep tonight,I think I'll sleep pretty soundly.
Considering the fact that my eyes were closed throughout half of the movie and the palm of my hands were clamped to my ears.At one point,I even listened to my iPod hahaha,to get the sound effects outta my head.
I didn't even bother to muffle the whimpering sounds that were coming out of my mouth,nor the screeching when one of the zombies bit the shmexy fireman.
I gotta hand it to Jennifer Carpenter though,she can really pull off the whole hysterical thingie.
Gory movie,nonetheless.I gagged pretty loudly when they drilled Fletcher's head and when the rat got squished.
The whole movie leaned on a very predictable side.If I'm spoiling this for you,kindly maneuver your way to someone else's blog.Plot was pretty simple,zombie bites guy,guy becomes zombie and so on and so forth.
The ending was a letdown though,I mean,I expected them to show the situation outside the building,with all the CDCs and policemen.Maybe a conclusion to the disease.Nada.Niet.Zip.
Oh,well.I'm practically bouncing off the walls,Twilight's coming up in 6 days.Hurrah.

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