Thursday, November 20, 2008


Mum dragged us out of bed way too early today,9am to be precise
I asked her whats the rush and she simply answered she felt like eating an English breakfast
Bounded into Mum's car and left Dad behind because he was more into Roti Canai and Ghee Tosai
We decided to try out the Pick n' Brew cafe' since Ms Read's breakfast wasn't available
After breakfast,we followed my youngest sister to Zara because she wants to buy this hoodie or a pair of shoes,either one
There were these really beautiful pair of ankle boots and I coaxed Mum into buying it for me but I decided to put it back on the shelf,for if not,I wont be able to buy clothes for,say,a week
Amina takes an awfully long time to choose clothes,I swear to God
I pity her friends when they go out with her later in their teenage years
Bumped into Ana and her niece Fariha in Forever 21 and I showed her the leopard printed skirt I wanted,she approved,and I bought the skirt along with two pairs of sunnies
Had Churros to-go and now I'm here,at home
Surprisingly enough,my family's bonding in the kitchen,over linguine and smoked salmon (that my 13y/o sister made)
The scent's too strong andI must give in,my stomachs' grumbling anyways

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