Monday, November 17, 2008

Someone Needs Glasses

Sya just complimented my skin,said its flawless
Sha (that would be me) told her to get glasses
But thanks Sya,I'm flattered<3
However,my skin is not flawless,its far from that,the complete opposite
Okay,maybe I'm exaggerating but I don't really have skin like a baby's bum
I don't intend to brag (because I don't have any reason TO brag nowadays) but my skin USED to be flawless way back before puberty hit,bigtime
And the funny,no,weird thing is,I used to wish for pimples because my friends had them and I felt left out
Yes,I did.You can ask my parents if you have any doubts.
That was so,stupid of me.So childish.
And Sya,I wanna go for facials too
Preferably on an island's resort spa

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