Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here's To You

Who am I kidding?Of course I give a damn
Wouldn't you care when someone's acting perfectly normal and kidding around and the very next day he totally blows you off?
Wouldn't you care when he's obviously ignoring you and avoiding you?
Have you been living under a rock these past few years like so many other guys?
I'm dumbfounded,and really disappointed to say the least
I thought maybe you've some brain cells left enough to have the courtesy of telling me that I annoy you or whatsoever
Do I make you nervous?Or wait,here's a good one,like so many others,you think I've grown a liking towards you,no?
And being the egoistic male you are,you don't want to lead me on so you decide to ditch me as a friend
Reality check,chances of me liking you are one to a gajillion and I really,really,really miss talking crap like nobody's business with you

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