Thursday, January 8, 2009

*Coughs and Gags*

Hi,I am still sick as ever and maybe even worse
To top it all off,my taste buds have decided to abandon me
Haven't even stop sniffling since I opened my eyes this morning
School was okay,switched bases with Waa so I was with Burhan,Mann and Flapp
This by the way,is a remix of That's Not My Name by the three stooges

They call me Zein
They call me Ketot
Memang my name,memang my name

And it goes on,something like that lah.
Anyhoo,Nad and Raihan decided on our class's theme,Hollywood Hill-ish
The boys voted on hippie whatever because there'd be weed and pot and whatnot hahaha
Eventhough the boys won,Nad and Raihan insisted on their idea and they can be very persuasive at times
On to another topic,they're giving us a choice for SPM to be held on November 10th or November 23rd
I am hundred and one percent all for sitting for SPM early!Well,me and a few others
Suck balls lah if there ain't no time,I just want it to be over
Oh,and if we have it on the 23rd,Prom will be postponed really,really late
And us Biology students wont have any space to breathe in between days!
Must brainwash fellow 5 Alfas and maybe some Betarians as well (I know I can count on Haniesha hahaha!)
Managed to finish my Bahasa Melayu,Addmaths and Chemistry homework and now I'm left with a few notes for Chemistry and a report
Maybe I'll talk later,I've got some anger to be released

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