Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rocky Acap Bolboa

(See?Acap's already eyeing Ilya's pasta!)

It's January 21st and you're already seventeen years-old
Which is a year away from being officially legal(tengah jealous and clearly stating the obvious)
Technically,I've been seeing your face since primary school
You were the boy who said "Awak tak boleh pinjam buku agama kita,nanti mama kita marah" in the First Grade
And you still sometimes say that nowadays,but under different circumstances
Truth be told,you're one to crawl onto people's skin but you've been a great friend
And a source of entertainment,if you want to look at it that way
There are days when I want to strangle you for being so authoritative in school
But if you hadn't thought me a bit of that Biology 10 minutes before the exam,I'd have been screwed like a turkey
You've been patient (most days) when I poke you with my pen and ask you to help me solve equations and all that
And your attempts to cheer me up when I thought my sixteenth would be a flop
And those songs we came up with in class last year,whazzitcalled?The Y Song hahaha
Growing up in a household overflowing with eostragen (with the exception of your dad),
It hasn't really surprised me that you're constantly the only male among a throng of girls
Remember when we were fourteen,and we made you cry in class?Hahahaha dear God
I can't quite recall the reason but it was downright hilarious (only after you calmed down,sebelum tu serious cuak)
In my opinion,you're famous for how you eat like an elephant but you always turn down people's offer at first!
Sha:Acap,nak sikit my food?
Sha:I know you want some
Acap:KK,pass me a spoon
Sooo,what I'm trying to say is (and seems pretty obvious now) you've been a great friend
It's been tough but I still love youuu more than scarves and berets
Here's to many more birthdays,loother

p/s you're not gonna get an un-surprised birthday party baybay ;p

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